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Here at Clandestine Gardens the end goal is always in relation to fire. Fire, fire, fire!

This weed is fire.
Man this is lit. 
This will be a fine bowl to roast. 
Can I burn this one down? 
I can’t wait to light this up.
...and the list goes on. 

We are purveyors of luxury pot. Every approach we take to growing is done in detail, from seed to smoke. We aren’t beyond whispering sweet nothings to our fiery haired ladies in hopes the plant produces an abundance of sparkling trichomes, and has the knobby weight of a sumo wrestler. Sweet secretions of holy resin goodness, here at Clandestine, it’s just part of the job.

Although we can’t give all of our brand secrets away (that wouldn’t be very Clandestine of us), we can promise consumers a product that like the clandestine Beatles song of 1966 will have you singing “Got to Get You Into My Life”. It’s just that good - and we make it a point to be that way. 

We are stoked that our consumers continue to roll with us. Puns intended, of course. We used to grow the best pot for us, now we get to grow it for them. So no matter how you smoke it, from the heart of our farm, we thank you and raise a lighter to you.

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