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Dear Valued Customers,


Clandestine Gardens is doing a quality control, voluntary recall of the following strains purchased between 6/1/2021 through 7/13/2021, at ONLY the locations listed below:

Mimosa Flower (All Sizes):

1. Birch Bay Budz

2. High Society - Anacortes

3. Island Herb

4. 2020 Solutions - Iron St


Mac and Cheese Flower (All sizes):

1. Cascade Herb - Bellingham

2. Cascade Herb - Ferndale

3. Forbidden Cannabis - Olympia

4. Forbidden Cannabis - Okanogan

5. The Kushery - Lake Forest Pak

6. Trove

7. Ocean Greens

8. 2020 Solutions - Iron St


If you purchased any of the products listed above please take any remaining product on hand and return to the store along with your receipt and a refund will be issued to you.

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